the red sandalwood

wood species as red sandalwood, such as purple toe rosewood, purple brown barley Dalbergia and purple tan Of the broad-leaved Dalbergia is known as 'red sandalwood', 'Indonesian red sandalwood', 'wide leaf red sandalwood' and so on. China and other places in Guangxi and other leaves of red beans (Ormosia microphylla)

purple heartwood called rosewood, because the wood color and red sandalwood similar, but the material can not be compared. The Adenanthera pavonina, which is grown in northeastern India, is also called 'Red Sandalwood' (same as sandalwood) or 'False Sandalwood' (Chinese translation: false sandalwood, More red, and also with

the dyeing of the red sandalwood (Santalin), the past was once considered the ancient furniture in the mahogany, has been confirmed as a false test. Rosewood merchandise wood names are sometimes confused with Caesalpinia sappan in Southeast Asia and are called 'Sappan'. The reason may be that both are important due to

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