Floor material maintenance is the key

Solid wood flooring, we all know the advantages of solid wood flooring, strong and durable, Dongnuanxialiang, feel better and so on. These advantages become the reason we like it,композитная прямая прямая продажа but the solid wood flooring also has its shortcomings, is difficult to maintain, in order to extend the life of solid wood flooring, maintenance had to work under a lot of effort.

Solid wood flooring does not like the humidity is too large room,8x8 обработанная цена публикации like dry, smooth, if the water drops in the above, should be dry with a dry cloth. In order to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring and extend the paint life, the need for waxing twice a year.

Composite floor, the most easy to maintain a floor, the daily maintenance of the composite floor can be used vacuum cleaner dust,производитель деревянных пластиковых заграждений wipe with a semi-dry mop, composite floor to always keep dry and clean, can not be directly washed with water, which is required for composite floor maintenance Pay attention to the point, to keep it clean with the appropriate humidity.

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