the floor laying

The direction of the floor laying, the long side of the floor should be consistent with the direction of the room light, the installation of the first row of the long side of the floor groove to the wall, between the cheap above ground pools floor floor and the wall into the wooden wedge to ensure that the floor expansion gap 8-12mm, Between the floor should be wrong to install, and the wrong distance should be greater than 20 cm. Laying should be observed at any time plate height difference, cracks and outdoor vinyl decking malaysia other defects, qualified before the glue can be spliced ​​and immediately remove the board residual glue.

10 hours after installation should not walk on the floor, other follow-up operations should be carried out after 24 hours. Flooring laying length of more than 8m, or room, hall, hall between the interface junction, the floor to be cut off, leaving 8-12mm expansion joints, and connected with the mouth to exterior walls panel in the philippines reduce the occurrence of the floor from the arch.

Installation of the skirting board The skirter should be covered when installing the skirting board. Note the layout of the room should be considered when the floor heat, should not be placed without legs furniture, in order to avoid poor heat caused by local deformation of the floor. For the initial use or for a long time when not re-use, should be slowly warming (the proposed heating rate of 1 ℃ / h), to prevent the heating rate caused by too fast cracking of the floor; at the same time should keep the ground dry. Indoor air backyard stairs plastic covering is relatively dry, should be appropriate to adjust the indoor humidity

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