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Quotes trend is more stable, but sales are still in the low season formation, birch, linden wood, pine, elm, ash and other products were flat performance. Societe Generale market from the part of the store learned that, 7-8 months, the Northeast is only about 50% of the peak sales this year, poor sales also led to a small amount of birch and

other Northeast prices fell slightly, down about 2% -5% The But there are tenants expected, with the demand to pick up, after the National Day, the Northeast Timber market will usher in the second half of the season, when the summer decline in the price of the species may once again prices, to the first half of the level. Myanmar wood:

wood Fang sales rose slightly, the product prices began to adjust. The second half of August, Myanmar wood market prices slightly improved, most stores sales growth of 5% -10%. Some of the tenants revealed that with the arrival of the furniture show in September, some solid wood furniture enterprises in Myanmar material purchases

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