reduce purchase cost

intermediate segment, reduce purchase cost, final form builds the ecosystem of downstream cooperation win-win on ceramics industry. composite gliding rockers "Numerous Tao Lian " after was being started last year inside half an year collect with the part
that purchased business to sign nearly 1 billion yuan downstream trade order, partial raw material purchases cost

was to drop more 15% above. "Numerous home couplet " hold water, be Dongguan furniture industry tries will " numerous Tao Lian " veranda fence australia mode duplicates to come in Dongguan furniture industry. "Numerous home couplet " president Chen Jianjing expresses, "Numerous home couplet " meet above all next it is good to supply 4 foot by 8 foot composite siding panels catenary platform to do, build

financial platform, content to shed platform, O2O platform further. The field serves in the industry, meeting deepness ground participates in these composite floor boards for porch 3 platform to upgrade to the transition of furniture company on, include the optimal configuration of content shedding, resource, financial service. How will industry of Xing bedplate lumber

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