high-quality bamboo flooring

We go beyond and from our profound understanding of the profession We go beyond our many years of experience in the flooring sales industry 2007 Let a new flooring brand long letter floor go with you !Buy bamboo flooring to pick Shen, flooring expert Huang Dakang said that high-quality bamboo flooring are more than three years raw bamboo refined.

When choosing bamboo flooring, hand weights should be used to choose the weight of the heavy bamboo flooring. Light weight bamboo flooring is usually made of one to two years of tender bamboo, tender bamboo no material, density, tender bamboo, stability and bending strength are not very good compression.

Bamboo born more than three years, the density, good stability, more durable. Bamboo floor material look old and new light weight is not enough, but also observe the texture, if the texture is blurred, indicating that the bamboo flooring is not fresh bamboo,

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