the floor surface

geothermal level, can easily control the warm conditions. With a full hardwood structure, the geothermal heating environment will be able to maintain a greater degree of stability, resistance to deformation, to reject the structural problems that may occur in the geothermal environment. At the same time, Anxin multi-layer parquet with 8 or

even 11 layers of roller coating process, the bottom of both sides 360 degrees protection, super-bright super-hard wear-resistant, impact resistance, service life substantially beyond the general wooden floor. No need to install the keel can be quickly installed, no cracks, no cracking without special care, easy to use, simple and

easy to use daily care. To measure the floor is wear-resistant, one depends on the wood floor itself species of tree material, the other is to look at the floor of the paint process, Shun floor paint across the board using the United States imported paint, the floor surface with 6 UV curing coating, thin , So that all the paint to penetrate into the

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