Parapet decorative

Apartment decoration wall with what material? The wall in the apartment room accounts for more than 70% of the total space, so the decoration of the wall has a great influence on the room. In addition to visual composite walkway floor in Trinidad effects, the wall also affects the insulation and insulation effect, the quality of concealed work, load-bearing requirements, safety hazards and so on.

Currently on the market for indoor wall materials, there are many, which is more suitable for apartment decoration? Advantages of high strength, good durability, sound insulation effect is good. (A superb self-defense effect) Disadvantages damage Waterproof Bathroom Tile Board Paneling the ecological environment, since the heavy, seismic capacity is poor, low specific strength, low construction efficiency, material prices more expensive than the block type, the total construction cost is high.

The reason for the low construction efficiency is mainly due to the smaller size of the bricks, it is difficult to mechanize the operation can only rely on artificial. In addition to the high construction building a round rail wood fence cost and high labor costs, the reason for the high total construction cost is that cementitious materials need additional materials and labor because of the bonding method. So once it involves the construction of a large area of ​​the wall, it will drag longer duration to increase labor costs. In particular, the centralized apartment renovation project, facing a large number of new demolition of the wall generally do not use red brick. And a large number of red brick burning arable land, consumption of coal, almost all around the brick pit, artificial desert. Now most cities have banned red how is a composite hollow core door constructed brick from entering the construction site and phasing out.

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