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channels. In 2016 Lynx cats in the middle of the year 618, St. Elephant floor jumped to the 'floor' category hot brand list. According to the data released by the World Brand Laboratory, the value of the 'Elephant' brand in 2016 has reached 23.592 billion yuan. 2017, Elephant brand exposure is surprising. From the opening of the sand

table tennis won the World Championships, with 'Living Elephant' as the brand theme, launched a series of Chinese Elephant Marketing campaign. Immediately afterwards, COFCO Land reached a strategic agreement to make full use of the advantages and resources both in real estate and large home industries to provide more

environmentally-friendly and higher-quality residential and ancillary products and services to hardcover customers. Not long ago, the launch ceremony of Saint Elegance Creative Avant-garde was held in Shanghai. Through an annual theme activity and continuous follow-up service oriented to designers, a creative pioneer will be built based

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