the home floor

channel construction, which is a win-win cooperation between both brands.' Zhang Kai, chairman of JiuSheng Flooring, added. It is said that about 10 years ago, Guangzhou began to maintain the wood floor care 'wood olein', claiming to use natural coconut oil or natural palm resin derived from, but also the use of nanotechnology, in

fact, many are using white emulsion plus Brightener, together with tap water blending. Experts advise: buy natural wood olein must see the national authority certification of environmental labeling. In addition, laminate flooring can not use wood oil maintenance. How to use the floor oil? 1, the home floor with a flat mop to care of the wooden

floor clean, remove the surface of dust and hair. 2, the floor put the oil on the nozzle, the nozzle adjusted to the spray state; spray evenly sprayed on the floor surface of the oil, 1-2 per square meter spray; and then the floor dedicated electrostatic mop or micro-wet rag evenly wipe the floor surface of the essential oil. 3, until all the oil on the

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