lumber of Thailand

recovery of lumber of Thailand this locality reduces; considerably secondly, indonesia is worth dry season, forest and turfy ground catch fire very easily, pvc composit lumber israel igneous situation spreads serious, lumber is destroyed to lead increase; thirdly, vietnam authorities adopts the tone on all lumber custom duty the decision of 25% , balata wood imports cost to rise apparently. Last week the batten of homebred balata wood of 7.5*7.5

of Guangzhou harbor length, norms, businessman quote is 2800 yuan. Get the market superintend and director of off-season, weather, environmental protection is cheapest way to build a 8ft fence checked etc with all possible means the influence of the element, radiation is loose last week the market still dimension is certain, low an use act advocate. The businessman expresses, stocks of haven radiate loose log is at present enough, market

price style is relatively outdoor pavilion kit Ukraine smooth, nevertheless shipment volume still is had no improve. Current and southern haven (Changshu, new civilian continent, too storehouse) 950-960 of loose quote of radiate of long 4M, big A yuan, long 4M, medium A signs up for 930-940 yuan, long 4M, small A signs up for 850-860 yuan. As lumber the development of off-season prices, of environmental price comparison composite boards protection agitation sweep across, at

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