wood flooring industry

has become the development trend of the wood flooring industry, high floor high-quality, environmentally friendly and can meet different consumer needs, time and time again by consumers. Natural materials, made from scratch High health home agent imported brands for the choice of materials are very harsh, material selection process

must meet the environmental requirements. The high-tech Wicanders cork flooring is a high-end product of the AMORIM International Group, which is of exceptional quality and color and is eco-friendly. The raw material for the cork flooring is the bark of cork oak (cork oak), which is found mainly on the Mediterranean coast (eg

Portugal, Spain, France, etc.) and parts of North Africa. It is one of the oldest surviving species in the world. Softwood bark can be stripped and used, and can be naturally regenerated, thus saving raw materials, not cutting trees, in line with the sustainable development policy. And cork is a food-grade raw material, free of starch and

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