lightweight partition panels

At present, most of the buildings are designed with frame structure. Most owners will require changing the design layout and changing the local space of the building. Therefore, the application of to make wooden flower pot with landscape timber what degrees lightweight partition materials in decoration is more and more. And practice has proved that lightweight wall materials used in the outer wall has a super effect. With the development of construction and decoration industry, interior decoration materials are developing towards lightness, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Therefore, it is not easy to choose lightweight partition materials in the interior. At present, many common production techniques are also developing in this direction, Lightweight partition wall material which? The common light partition material mainly inexpensive patio roof extension gypsum board partition, GRC lightweight partition material, fiber reinforced low-alkali cement building slab, autoclaved aerated concrete board, light aggregate Concrete slats, steel wire frame cement sandwich panels, metal surface sandwich panels, composite light sandwich wall panels. Lightweight wall material features light weight. 1/4 of the red brick and 1/5 of the concrete. This will not only effectively reduce the weight of the building, but also reduce the basic economic investment and facilitate the construction and transportation.

Artificial handling and installation, does not affect the simultaneous construction, material transportation is small, the building load is reduced, the construction cost marine tech plywood retailers is reduced. Sound insulation. Lightweight wall materials can be noise 40-50 dB, to ensure that products can be used for office, commercial, entertainment, residential and other buildings. Water resistant. Seismic effect is good. Low modulus of elasticity, fast absorption of impact energy, seismic levels can reach 8. Easy to construct. Lightweight wall materials can be drilled, sawed, nailed, free to adjust the size, so the water, electricity pipeline installation and embedding and other construction, than all the wall panels are convenient.

efficient. Light wall material surface roughness, no plastering, height according to the actual construction size custom, the special size can also be cut on site, the wall installation of solid clay brick, hollow brick small wet installation compared to the progress of construction efficiency Can be increased by 20 times or more, can greatly shorten the build a garden fence low cost ideas Australia construction period, thereby increasing investment efficiency.

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