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level, but also VOCs (volatile organic compounds) ), Heavy metal and any other toxic volatile content, more fully integrated certification, and the world's most stringent indoor air quality standards. LM Flooring is also a leader in green sports, and its products use more eco-friendly material than most hardwood flooring manufacturers. As

for the material part, LM Flooring has global procurement of raw materials supporting system, the material from a variety of species at home and abroad, the perfect combination of solid wood and precious wood veneer, more newly developed commercial-grade acrylic hardwood flooring for customers to choose. Creative Marketing

Faced with the new market environment brought by new technologies such as Internet, big data and cloud computing, e-commerce has gradually become the channel and tool of brand marketing. LM Flooring also advancing with the times, chose the Internet + mode, open up the major mainstream PC and mobile terminal platform, integrated

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