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and reform, be banned by forced releasing even. Painstaking effort of 30 years is destroyed father at 4 months environmental protection check, the countryside of composite rocking chair outdoor furniture Chinese plank will be destroyed soon at once! A practitioner of local says with reporter of website of Chinese timber industry: Began April this year, environmental protection strength is too great, plank factory did not let work, gather up repeatedly leather

machine also does not low cost home balcony images let work, can let me seek a job, I should leave Wen An! Environmental protection superintend and director checked personnel on August 14 concentration is left each village keeps 24 hours wheel type examination, gather up repeatedly the yard of leather machine, also give directly with grab lift. Next left each village is sure can appear the circumstance of money be in short supply, parkland stucco waterproof panel we should

use this article, for left the board industry of each village phonates, the board industry that is the whole nation phonates, the people that loses livelihood for each industries phonates! Hard Pvc Wood Floor This, cried really Development arrives today, we used 30 years, Destroy tomorrow, perhaps use 4 months only, And it is the destruction that cannot restore. This is not sensational absolutely, This is the grim situation that we are about to

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