pannikin of use

eletroplate, small presswork, reject reclaims, of furnace of pannikin of use coal fired small wash bath, small dress to process a business, the industry company that Deck Board Covering Ideas provides service of dry-clean of collect Chinese style, bath. Basis " bank river economy developing zone (Chun Jiang is pressed down) " small messy corrupt " industry business is special punish carries out an opinion " , will illuminate to be not being had

without card, be suspected of Composite Wall Board With White Color breaking the law violate compasses manage, tall pollution, high-energy bad news, low yield goes out wait for national explicit order to prohibit, existence is serious and safe hidden trouble, have illegal blowdown fact and cannot obtain the condition such as admittance condition " small dispersedly; Level of lesser to according with national industry Pvc Coated Decorative Welded Wire Mesh Panels policy, environment to pollute, specific

power consumption is inferior, safe the industry business with better foundation, supervise and urge inside formulary time its pass normative punish, deal with relevant formalities, white composite deck planks achieve state law code and industrial development demand " admittance condition " . Those who take detailed account is uniform close stop ban Punish cent is 5 phase. The first phase is comprehensive platoon is checked, establish punish

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