value of our country

grows 18.5% , 24.1% what hold total value of our country imports and exports; Among them, export 2.35 trillion yuan, grow 12.6% , whole nation of the installing hardwood floors to existing threshold corresponding period grows 14.4% ; Import 1.38 trillion yuan, grow 13.7% , whole nation of the corresponding period grows 24% ; Favorable balance of trade nine hundred and sixty-four billion nine hundred and eighty million yuan, expand 10.9% . General commerce and

improvement trade grow waterproof tongue and groove cladding in south africa continuously, cross condition cable business development is swift and violent 1-7 month, guangdong with general commerce imports and exports 1.69 trillion yuan, grow 13.6% , 45.4% what occupy imports and exports of Guangdong foreign trade to be worth, pull move Guangdong foreign trade to increase 6.7 percent, export 1.03 trillion yuan among them, grow 8.2% , composite decking for balcony import six hundred and sixty-six billion

four hundred and ten million yuan, grow 23% ; Improvement trade imports and exports 1.34 trillion yuan, grow 7.2% , occupy 35.8% . In addition, cross imports and exports Modular Above Ground Pool of condition cable business 15.43 billion yuan, grow 1.3 times, purchase means to export 14.4 billion yuan with the market. Imports and exports of civilian battalion industry is main contribution force, add fast company of investment of outclass foreign

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