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thinking. Activities site Shangchen floor Wuhan franchise stores all personnel to the militarized team admission debut, neatly planned pace, morale of high spirits, fully demonstrated a vibrant, never give up the team won the scene array Array of applause. As the head of Wuhan franchise store, Mr. Wang shared the superior brands in

developing markets, marketing brands, team building and many other aspects. With his rich experience, he created the brilliant record of Shangchen brand in Wuhan. The so-called women and girls do not let men, franchise stores in Wuhan always on the importance of store management to elaborate on the boss to personally manage the

store, starting from the details, shopping guide staff training experience, discourse loudly applauded the scene. Finally, in the audience with the common expectations of operators and witnesses, the floor of the technical director of the board Mr. Zhou Xinhua officially opened the brand carefully prepared for two years of new products -

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