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Differences and advantages of lightweight wall and general wall materials Lightweight wall and the general distinction between the wall materials and advantages of lightweight wall is different from the general wall materials, what exactly is the difference? Lightweight wall is calcium silicate board as a panel, the middle filling of light-core composite material prices for geo deck end caps forming a one-time, a non-load-bearing for the construction of light-weight composite board. The wall solid, lightweight thin body can increase the practical area of ​​residential buildings, reduce the load on the building structure.

Board strength to resist impact, hanging strong, heat insulation, fire waterproof, can be any slot, the formation of high-degree without the need to re-Daxia sand file. More soundproof and laying tile on wood floors underlayment fire-fighting utility function, installation fast and monopoly ten advantages, is the comprehensive advantages of other wall materials can not be compared. Shanghai Lightweight wall to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

This will lead the construction industry from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction operation, so as to realize the industrialization of the production of residential wall parts, the modernization of equipment technology and the simplification of the wall construction project. At the same time, the area occupied by the wall can How To Build Curved Outdoor Bench be reduced, the seismic capacity and safety performance of the building can be improved, the transportation cost can be reduced, the civilized construction on site and the light partition board can be recycled, and the short term construction period can increase the economic benefits and reduce the comprehensive cost.

The above is the difference between the lightweight wall and the general wall materials and advantages, the reason why the Shanghai Lightweight Partition is so popular, partly because of its quality can withstand the test, partly because of the light green home plans with deck on roof partition of Shanghai Lee waste, is the most suitable for use in construction projects.

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