Wood floors are not maintenance

was not cheated by the company's arrangement.' The official said that now Wood floors are not maintenance, if you want to call you to pay for maintenance, most likely is a liar. So why did this liar call to the lady, and even know to the wooden floor to repair the lady? The official said the company and the customer are signed a contract, the

customer, the company and the company where the mall retains a copy. The official said the construction site when the master construction, there will be people walking in the vicinity, 'liar will know if you have to install the floor, when the security.We get the material on the site as courier loaded, the customer sign The documents must be

recycled after the word, the liar can not see the above customer phone, do not know how they get the phone number. 'Personal information leakage rights difficult Chongqing Times reporter consulted two lawyers, they all said to the Miss met The case involves the disclosure of personal privacy. However, due to the hard evidence

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