enterprises in the flooring industry

is the industry iconic brand, is committed to professional production of flooring companies, a high degree of specialization, the products produced not only good quality, practicality, but also occupy a certain price advantage , Has always been the healthiest consumer brands in the heart of the floor. St. Elephant is a symbol of China's

environmental certification brand, is a safety and environmental protection brand, in the market, St. Elephant floor can be described as household names, its products have good sales, and consumers have been. Yangtze flooring Anhui Yangtze flooring Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises in the flooring industry, the Yangtze floor

company has advanced production equipment and production technology, through unremitting efforts, the Yangtze floor has occupied a large market share. Kent Asia Kentec Asia is China's most valuable 500 brands, the company is located in Jiangsu, Kent Asia in the market has a high reputation, favored by the market and consumer

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