our country at present

record, still do not have in our country at present distributing. Sectional material small moth belongs to Truncata to plant main harm ash, also can endanger tree of myrtle cheap wood deck railing division, buckthorn family to plant, endanger arboreous xylem, get eat by moth to form hole, affect lumber badly grow and value, harm sex is bigger, once travel, wait for resource of the forestry to our country, zoology, environment, travel cause

huge loss. African termite hides pool in anti-cracking deck log, be about to cross secretly come Yangzhou Recently, yangzhou examines quarantine bureau is opposite when log of rosewood of a batch of hedgehog carries out the spot to check, intercept and capture a large number of live body termite, classics appraisal, so these termite come from Africa, it is to destroy the pest with extremely powerful force. outdoor enclosed bulletin board Reporter yesterday investigates

discovery, the termite with common Yangzhou has 3 kinds, 95% above are black bosom comes loose termite, and the trail that discovered Taiwan milky white is formic again this year.Plastic Tack Box That Looks Like Wood [incident] in a extremely dangerous state " Xiaobai " desire " cross secretly " come raise Classics Yangzhou examines the sieve at the beginning of lab of check of quarantine bureau establish, jiangsu examines appraisal of lab of check of

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