Solid wood flooring requirements

Solid wood flooring requirements of raw materials is relatively high, such as the moisture content of the wood should be maintained at 12% to 14%, but also requires relatively hard wood, wear-resistant moisture, and anti-moth-eaten. And its natural texture and elastic texture,

revealing a luxurious feeling, it is also the first choice for many people seeking the quality of life. Market popular several solid wood flooring two-winged beans: its color is reddish, good stability, not easy to damp deformation. The price is about 200 yuan per square meter to 300 yuan,

more modest. Ant-wood: commonly known as "red sandalwood", the price of 280 yuan to 400 yuan per square meter range. It is mainly produced in South America, wood oil content is quite high, but also contains some minerals, texture clear tiger-like, more color.

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