Partition decoration

Ten freshly baked green materials greenhouse effect will be more and more serious, haze has also been rampant in the cities we live in, and the seasons began to change, so how can we composite deck roof have a safe, energy saving, environmentally friendly, green and warm place? Big environmental materials, immediately tell you completely improve the living environment of human settlements.

No-steamed foam concrete block brick This is a new type of energy-saving environmental wall materials, with light and high strength, reduce the load on the building; good compressive properties; good seismic performance; no cracking, long life; good water plastic fencing post and rail resistance Salient features.

However, the domestic market to achieve the national standard batch production of relatively small number of manufacturers, after injection molding natural hardening rich microporous lightweight building materials, the corresponding lower weight and intensity, the scope of application is limited. Cement foam wall insulation decoration one board wall insulation decoration one board will be 1x1 pvc planter boxes decorative and thermal insulation construction combined

saving nearly 10 processes, greatly saving construction time, compared with the traditional thermal insulation method, shorten the construction period of 60% Construction efficiency doubled. Cement foam lightweight partition wall panels Lightweight foam wall panels using cement foam as the core material, made of lightweight partition panels, with exterior wall board south africaload-bearing, noise, fire and so on, is a new type of wall material.

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