Partition decoration

What is the type of partition wall panels partition wall prices Partition decoration, partition board is a very important kind of partition material. Here we come to understand what is the partition board, the common types of partition panels and partition board prices, let us in partition decoration can be better use. What is partition wall partition board from how much it cost lattice fence the name and material is not difficult to see is a barrier function of the wall material. Strictly speaking, the partition board is a wall prefabricated slat material used for the internal partition walls of buildings and the like.

Partition wall panels have a good wall effect, sound insulation and fire wall and a variety of special features using different materials partition wall panels can achieve the same effect. Partition wood replacement slats for park bench board includes glass fiber reinforced cement slats, glass fiber reinforced gypsum hollow slats, steel wire (steel mesh) reinforced cement slats, light concrete slats, composite sandwich light slats and so on.

The full name is light partition wall slats, as the general industrial buildings, residential buildings, public buildings, non-load-bearing main partition wall material. Lightweight partition wood balcony design Seoul wall panels as a general industrial buildings, residential buildings, public buildings, works within the non-load-bearing partitions belonging to the lightweight partition works.

At present, the third generation of environmental protection and energy-saving wall panels that are vigorously promoted by our country has the advantages of sound-proof and moisture-proof, seismic sound-proofing, fire-proof insulation, small area, good strength and convenient construction. Partition board types are generally divided into GRC lightweight partition board (glass fiber Cumaru Decking Problems reinforced cement), GM board (Si-Mg board), ceramic board, gypsum board.

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