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Choose the perfect trampoline gift for summer Published: 04.04.2009 | Author: pmcindoe | Category: Recreation And Sports
Choosing the perfect summer gift can be tricky, especially when considering a garden toy for a UK summer. Trampoline popularity as a summer garden toy is on the increase; children love them and adults enjoy the exercise benefits – after all, it is an Olympic sport.

However, buying a trampoline for the first time can be tricky. What size trampoline should you choose? Should you get an indoor or outdoor trampoline? Will you get value for money? What safety precautions should you take? Is there room for a garden trampoline?

When choosing a trampoline, first consider its use. While you may have four children it isn’t recommended that more than one child use the trampoline at any given time, in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Think about the age of your children and choose a size that will still be right for them in a few years time.

Another factor to consider is where in the garden the trampoline will be placed. Wherever possible you should ensure there are no obstructions in the way which could be bounced into, such as overhanging tree branches or washing lines. The trampoline should also be situated on a level area of ground.

Given the unpredictability of the British summer weather, it would be wise to consider methods of securing outdoor trampolines, in order to ensure it doesn’t get blown away in typically bad British summer weather. Such measures could also help guard against theft.

Look at the details of the trampoline and try to avoid trampolines with fewer springs, to ensure good performance and longevity. Check the pad material and coating – will it provide maximum protection without melting in the sun? Trampoline frames are usually well galvanised so won’t rust or break. Consider setting and securing the frame in a hole to reduce the falling distance and place cushioning material around the trampoline site.

Trampolines are not dangerous toys. Injuries are generally caused by the behaviour of those using the trampolines. Trampoline safety nets and surrounds are usually sold separately but some are now included in the price. These are worth the extra expense if sold separately to ensure peace of mind.

Trampolines have the potential to provide hours of fun and exercise. With many varieties on offer from baby trampolines for toddlers to bounce on to sporty garden trampolines for Olympic enthusiasts, picking the right trampoline is key to choosing the best gift for summer.

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