Space board

Space board is a steel frame or prestressed concrete frame, steel truss, foam cement core material, the upper and lower cement surface layer (including glass fiber mesh) made of composite load-bearing, heat preservation, , Heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance and other excellent performance in one of the new energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly Thickest Deck Stairs Materials building materials. Waterproof composite stone flooring As ordinary wood flooring waterproof poor performance of water will be expanded, deformation, therefore, the user had to be covered with bathroom ice cold, hard tiles or stone.

Now they have a new choice, the emergence of waterproof solid wood flooring is shining. Non-beam floor cement foam mold shell beamless floor cement foam mold shell for the pressure treated wood in the philippines Africa combination of one-time template, eliminating the need for large girders, reducing the inner column, making the effective space greatly increased the building.

Cement foam fire door core board cement foam fire door core plate is a new generation of fire-resistant filler material, with non-flammable, fire-resistant fire, good thermal insulation properties, water immersion, environmental how much does composite decking weight per square foot protection, light weight, noise and so on. Fire-resistant color steel plate Fire-resistant foam color cement equipment is foam cement as the core material, is the same (sandwich panel series) of the most fire-resistant performance of a new type of fire board. With light weight, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, good seismic performance, construction speed and so on, is a set of load-bearing, thermal insulation, waterproofing, decoration Composite Decking Flower Pot Sale in one of the new envelope material.

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