wood flooring industry

tube days, under the tube to the middle of the wall,' the industry has become a real space solutions provider. What is the significance of this new product launching conference for the flooring industry? What is an accident? Is it a break for a break or a surprise? Breakthrough for users? Accident is not a hole in the wood Has been the

fashion, fashion, elegant image by the high-end crowd in the world favorite. However, the relevant data show that China's wood flooring industry overall trend of growth, but the average customer orders area from the earliest 70 square meters / single, gradually reduced to 40 square meters / single. She Xuebin, chairman of Nature, said in an

interview with reporters, on the one hand, users of the level of awareness of the old wood flooring that the wood flooring is only suitable for pavement in the bedroom and study; the other hand, there are some users that the wood floor consumption In addition, 80,90 just after the rise of consumer groups, although some people have some

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