flooring enterprises is thus severely

ability. We have learned, at present, the domestic market is not mature, floor in addition to individual high-end products, the market is not particularly well-known leading enterprises, early in the brand, the industry spread out, resulted in serious, enterprises lack self-discipline, be copied at the same time, some in copying others, plagiarism

become tacit behavior. At this stage, due to the flooring industry admittance threshold is not high, technical barriers to block of imitation, plus a lot of enterprise's intellectual property protection consciousness is very weak, result in flooring industry, chip, shanzhai free-ride to imitate the phenomenon such as very serious. The brand image of

many flooring enterprises is thus severely damaged, which directly leads to the consumers' trust crisis. From the development of the whole industry, the lack of intellectual property protection is a big "hard injury". Nowadays, many floor enterprises in the actual development process, all suffer from the market's copying atmosphere cannot be

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