relatively before a week

supply is more serious, the price relatively before a week drop is bigger. According to reporter investigation, although the near future issues tourist door demand to Pvc Decks For Wall South Africa had not appeared,increase, major trafficker expresses Dan Taicang area to begin to go up tone price. Clinch a deal valence respect, at present too harbor grows the storehouse camphor tree of class of 32x150 of 4M, norms, SF child loose quote 2100 yuan.

Although, will look at present,Inexpensive Outdoor Flooring Solutions the expression of log market fares badly, but market personage expresses, the Beginning of Autumn has come, the weather of burning hot high temperature also will gradually cool rise, downstream factory also will enter busy phase of production, drive here below, market of predicting log short line trades the quantity will continue Pvc Flooring Overlay Products raise.

looks from market respect, sawn timber market is overall since entering this week prices relatively on one week wave motion is not big, its China produces sawn timber market each choose a flame retardant fencing material delegate tastes shipment respect to last low fan, although shipment of market of entrance sawn timber increases somewhat, go up nevertheless same relatively finite. From the point of the market level that shows level, predict market of a few

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