Plastic wood plank

Plastic wood materials with good durability, safety and reliability, ecological and environmental protection, construction convenience, lower construction costs and other advantages. Its good appearance decorative can custom plastic 2x4 holder performance, can be very natural instead of the use of preservative wood in the garden, waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties can make up for the lack of preservative wood, more suitable for use in the waterfront and garden facilities, etc., Wood, more lightfastness, anti-freeze-thaw, more suitable for climate.

In the landscape construction of the application will also be more extensive, WPC fence grip deck plastic egypt guardrail, maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant weathering, no cracking, insects are not affected. In the pedestrian bridges, trails, platforms, plank roads, balconies, garden fence is widely used. Meandering in the scenic wood in the wood plank path is like a silk thread, the beautiful scenery along the road into a string necklace. The entire plank, or paved stones, or trestle volley.

No matter the road, bridge, pavilion, pavilion, are full of wild forest. In architectural style, they are simple and elegant and flexible. In the path along the cliff, some pavilionswood roof decking planks stand according to the tree, and some trees in the column, heart-style King Pavilion. People rest in the tree, Pro View Pavilion, do not have a flavor. As you can see, plastic wood is not only common in everyday landscapes and people's homes, but the large-scale industry such as tourism is also gradually penetrating the application of plastic wood.

Now remember that you have been to those cities, in addition to plastic wood plank, there are many occasions in which plastic-wood dense place, such as bed and breakfast hotel, flower boxes, billboards, fence and so on. Plastic wood itself is drawn from nature, so attributed to nature. The long plastic wood plank stretches into the end of an endless forest, surrounded by numerous scattered spots porch tils price scattered around it, plastic wood plank like ribbons in the mountains, with the surrounding landscape form a perfect perfect long scroll.

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