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In the summer connected with 1996, when Jerry West seemed to be the Lakers general boss, he completed two procedures where he hired movie star center Shaquille O'Neal from your Orlando Magic in exchange to get a high school student back from the NBA draft. O'Neal was being Altlanta ga Olympics, West went to Atlanta with the "big sharks" to finish the contract. West O'Neill said: "We will win lots of championships, the team got anyone, there is an 18-year-old youngster will join you'll see him in the end, he would become the league's best players. "

The 18-year-old player is actually Kobe Bryant. O'Neal and Kobe Bryant teamed up to win three consecutive competition, left after O'Neal, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol cooperation for two main consecutive years championship ambitions. West signings in 1996, the Lakers brought five-championship trophy. 20 years later, O'Neill has become any commentator. He said goodbye Bryant, the Lakers this season, won only 17 game titles, lost superstar record is damaging the Lakers harsh winter also means they may have the opportunity to usher in a very new spring. Everything depends on the operation with this summer.

American sports journalist Bill Simmons broke what is the news, the Lakers intend packaged with the first three draft picks and so on Russell Paul George(410000 2k16 mt money ps4, 187000 mt coins xbox one, 3000000 PC mt coins) swap chips. George is a Californian, is a fan involving Kobe Bryant, who at the time in reference to his fans on Twitter, revealed a desire for your Lakers. George is not a complimentary agent, his contract expires throughout 2019, 2018 have the right to advance out of your Lakers want to get George will need the form of change. This is good for the Lakers, according to the principle of equal pay purchase. If the Lakers introduces George, their wages are relatively large space will never be compressed.

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