Cheap Air Jordan 32 For Sale 2017

New Jordans 2017 has always been synonymous with "top-level configuration" shoes, as the configuration of the world's highest technical real basketball shoes, but also more and more into the trend of fashion elements. Before and after the palm separation Zoom, Flight Speed, anti-twist carbon fiber board, high-tenacity yarn made of Flyknit braid uppers, followed by a large area TPU stable block and the new lines of translucent crystal outsole! Air Jordan 2 Mentioned specifically, it is the 32nd generation of shoes inspired by the source. As early as 1986, due to Jordan's love of Italian leather shoes, coupled with the complicated design of shoes, designers come to the leather brand Bally Queen's Queen's production plant Air Jordan 2, the integration of Italian luxury technology, which is the only previous series of the only pair in Italy Production of shoes.
The latest 2017 Air Jordan Shoes for the first time using high tenacity yarn Flyknit uppers as raw materials, shoe heel with more traditional molded leather, flip fur and electronic weaving technology, the shoe body feels more balanced - by This, the latest shoes continue Air Jordan 2 in the process of luxury sport wind. In addition to the upper technology, Jordan brand also pointed out that the Air Jordan 32 cushioning and grip technology. Designer Tate Kuerbis said the shoe's Zoom Air cushions have better cushioning thanks to Flight Plate technology. Second, the chevron big bottom line through the car wiper-type arrangement, can enhance the shoes sense of space and grip. In addition to technological innovation, the brand emphasizes the fashion of shoes. "
"In addition, the Kyrie 3 For Sale style embodies the sophisticated Italian style. The prestigious Air Jordan XXXII debuted in China on September 1, 2017, giving us a taste of the "Rosso Corsa" red color inspired by the Italian luxury sports car. And Xiaobian today to bring you this AJ 32 "Banned" the outer part of the upper Flyknit uppers and two to increase the vamp up the built-in strap module stitched together. Flyknit became tough and ductile thanks to the new weaving method, while its ductility was also improved. Instead of using Flywire, the support module used straps and stitched together with cardboard, and the straps lifted the shoe support.
Jordan brand, Air Jordans 2018, texture and shoe body design is the embodiment of sophisticated manufacturing process, the midsole used injection molding process also represents the pair of shoes in the brand development history of the important position.The outermost red part is composed of a rigid upper (due to the color change of different materials) + the inside of the dura mater + followed by "false built-in TPU" (completely adherent to the dura, in case of heat thawing). Although this section is basically no thickness, but very hard (the picture shows the case of high temperature softening effect), for heel stability and protection provided full support.We do not want functional designs to affect the look and feel of every pair of Jordan-style sneakers," says designer Tate Kuerbis. "For example, I want the shoelace to disappear on the upper, so inside the shoe we'll design a A complete tie-wrap system allows you to lock your feet while exercising.
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