northwest of lumber industry

forest to learn area of northwest of lumber industry branch to learn group undertake, the theme is " collect material to get together benefit UniCom win-win " the 3rd popular arid deck cost Copenhagen in Russian lumber and forum of height of wood trade investment are in city of 2 Lian Hao spy to hold.

Liu Nengwen of current associationpvc vinyl decking membrane china chairman sends Chinese lumber and wood congress open address, he points out, china is the world's greatest lumber and wood treatment country, commerce country and consumptive country, lumber and wood treatment annual produce already exceeded 2

trillion yuan, russia regards composite plastic for outdoor benches our country as the biggest neighbour, its world lumber is resourceful, because letter of political each other, complementary sex is strong,Russian lumber and wood commerce invest in, the advantage is clear, advantages and disadvantages of plastic flooring development perspective is very wide.

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