inviting the holy floor

the Holy Land floor, while continuing to develop new products close to consumers, giving consumers more rights to know and follow-up services every year to bring them some value-added enjoyment . Chengdu Youth Evening News and jointly carried out a large industrial tour of youth,

so that buyers of the Holy Land flooring customers get a horizons to expand; and Hunan Satellite TV held in Chengdu, "Elephant Supermembers," so that customers feel the joy of happiness Life; inviting the holy floor old customers to work together to show their love for poor students,

people feel the unique charm of the Holy Love. More theme activities and humane care for St. Elephant customers to experience the sincerity and charm of the leader. Family gather soon sign up to Meng Ding Shan tea elephant floor 10 years ago, the first customer in Sichuan,

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