Chinese wood flooring brands

and codes of conduct for the Chinese nation. Among the Chinese wood flooring brands, Jushengmu, a famous Chinese wood flooring brand, has turned honesty into blood, a kind of faith flowing in the pulse From international cooperation, to the development of the industry, from product manufacturing to after-sales service. Jiu Sheng Mu floor

in good faith-based, win-win cooperation with suppliers China's flooring industry competition is mainly resource competition, how to establish a good faith, standardized raw material procurement system is to protect the development of the brand one of the most critical issues. Through years of exploration and practice, the well-known

wooden flooring brand Jiushengmu flooring has established a raw material supply base in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia with the principle of 'Honesty, Win-win Cooperation' and at the same time, Jushengmu flooring Established a long-term and stable supplier. This systematic procurement system not only ensured the competitive

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