discharge sewage to manage

liquid waste to discharge sewage to manage the problem of the net continuously; Limited company of the metal that add abundant is engaged in eletroplating exercise, existence risks Huang Yan, wpc pergola lumber and parts send out pungent the problem of odour.

The letter is visited cause height of government of privacy fence panels germany new prosperous county Party committee, county to take seriously, that day midday 11 when, prefectural Li Ning guides relevant section to head for 3 businesses scene to check, verify a condition.

Classics spot is checked, 3 product line ofoutdoor lightweight luxury flooring norway electric limited company were in Xin Tao of new prosperous county that day stop production condition. Machinery plant of profit of division of the area just outside a city gate of new prosperous county composite railings for decking is emiting into the liquid waste that passes processing sewage manager,

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