bamboo flooring companies

export, the reason why can quickly open the market abroad, not only because of low prices, but also as a unique cultural heritage of China is sought after. China once was hailed as 'the country of bamboo civilization,' Mr. Dong Po said: preferring to eat meatless, invulnerable bamboo, people love bamboo, because of its tall appearance and

the hollow core, so with its analogy gentleman, on behalf of noble The tough character. Literati writers always use their expression of their works and feelings. This spirit in today's society, has gradually become an expression of elegant and decent lifestyle. Bamboo in China's historical and cultural development, and a large number of Chinese

culture together. Rich cultural heritage is the unique characteristics of bamboo flooring, but also worth promoting. Therefore, bamboo flooring companies and businesses in the competition should work together to create such a culture, upgrade the industrial chain, develop new products, so that the general public to understand and accept this

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