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The Canopy tours in Puerto Vallarta are not only exciting but also adventurous. And do you want to know which Canopy Tour is the most popular? It锟絪 Las Juntas Los Veranos of course! This canopy tour of Mexico stretches for over two miles. It has 14 zip lines which also include an exhilarating last run Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , where with the presence of a double line, you can also race with one another. This is an amazing tour which would be a great entertainment to go on with your friends and family.

Now imagine this, a picturesque atmosphere with lofty trees and lush greenery, amidst a tropical location! Wow, I wish I could go on this tour right this very second. You smoothly glide at the speed of 30 miles per hour at the height of 500 feet over looking the gorgeous River of Orquidias. Once the tour ends, you can unwind and have a comfortable lunch at Pancho锟絪 Jungle Restaurant which overlooks the river. If you are traveling with kids, it would be wonderful for them as well since they could swim in the river, take water slides and generally have a great time. On the other hand you can sample out the different varieties of Tequilas that are present at the bar, you can even check out the boutiques which are close by. Trust me, if this hasn锟絫 gotten you all worked up, then I don锟絫 know what else would.

This tour is available six times daily except on Sundays. This tour is approximately three and a half hours long, and starts at 9.00 a.m. What you would need for this tour is a swimsuit and a towel in order to swim at the river later on. A sunscreen lotion and an insect repellent if you are sensitive to the sun or insects. In order to capture this glorious tour you must carry a camera with you in order to capture these memories forever. You should wear comfortable tennis shoes because this tour might involve walking. Remember you should carry a Fanny Pack or a Bag with you, in order to keep your belongings in it, you can锟絫 carry them because you would be gliding.

This tour departs from four different locations, they are: Nuevo Vallarta at the Hacienda Palma Real Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale , Marina Vallarta at Collage Disco, Puerto Vallarta at the Canopy Office, Mismaloya at Le Kliff Restaurant, you can choose any amongst these, depending upon your own preference.

This tour however has some restrictions. The maximum weight of person can be 250 lbs. which is 115 kg. Because in order to fit the harness your waist should be less than 50 inches and you thighs should be less than 28 inches. Also it is very important for you not to be drunk during this tour, for safety purposes. Pregnant women or people with serious back injuries should refrain from going on this tour. Since this is the most popular tour at Puerto Vallarta, it sells out fast, so make sure you make your reservations early. Nowadays, this tour is on discount and is available for $50 for Adults and $40 for Children. So hurry up and start gliding锟?

Get more information on Puerto Vallarta rentals, please contact pvrpv dot com at the following numbers. Their Mexican office number is 322.222.0638. In case you are calling from the USA or Canada, call on their local Vonage number 206.388.3703. For more details visit pvrpv dot com which has been successfully servicing the tourists & local community for the past four years. They have a qualified staff with years of experience and they may help you with rental properties in Puerto Vallarta.
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Puerto Vallarta is situated in Jalisco state of Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful and exquisite resort city and is known as the paradise for gays and vacationers. Pvrpv provides great deals on all Puerto Vallarta rentals, these comprise of accommodations in luxury villa rental, gay friendly rentals, beach rental and condo rentals. For more information on these great offers visit our site or e-mail at tim@pvrpv.

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