city does furniture

Mr Liu that lives in town of a depressed place of man of happy hill city does furniture business all the time, as a result of mill demand, he releases information on the net, beg buy a moisture resistant flooring for basements batch of timber. Mr Liu tells a reporter, beg buy information to release time not to grow, the individual contacts him to say he has this wood,

then two people carry small letter, discuss good value, mr Liu made debt. Because Mr Liu itself also is,the shop that clean out treasure is done on the net, loosened vigilance to pics of waterproof decks around pools trading on the net, do not have any suspicion to make money to the other side.

After debt is hit, mr Liu does not close how to build wood flower pots to arrive tardy, connection the other side also is not contacted, at this moment Mr Liu just knows he is cheated, it signed up for instantly alarm.
Group of gumshoe of happy hill city is received alarm hind, move those who took Sun Mou to communicate record, bank card trades record, occupy an analysis through number, affirmatory garden seat replacement slats suspect is Linyi person Sun Mou.

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