polymer resin

Wood-plastic doors are made of ultra-fine wood particles mixed with polymer resin, made by the molding process, both the excellent properties of wood and plastic, the production of products to achieve a real wood-like effect. Good wood-plastic door due to the use of raw materials and production processes do not use glue, will not produce formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichlorethylene and durable landscape covering other harmful substances, is an alternative to traditional wood green new material. Generally used for sliding sliding doors, suit door. advantage A, wood-plastic door system with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, all kinds of ingredients according to the strict mixing ratio to effectively ensure the quality of foam board products.

WPC door durable, long life, the appearance of wood, plastic products than the high hardness, good rigidity and excellent physical properties than wood dimensional stability, will not crack, warp, no wood knot, twill and so on. With secondary processing of wooden doors, sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws. Good performance of used pool decks for sale in new jersey wood-plastic door fire-retardant wood-plastic door match case of fire does not support combustion, off automatically after extinguishing.

After testing, Guoqiang WPC suit door oxygen index of 48, the fire performance rating for the B1 level, Longqiao wood WPC suit of this performance will greatly enhance the residential fire safety point. Various surface treatment technology, thermal transfer, peritoneum or paint, according to the needs of customers can produce a colorful appearance, and high stability, long life.

WPC door is reasonable in waterproof under exisiting deck structure and high in strength. The special cavity structure design ensures the ideal internal structure of WPC foam. With the excellent formula design and reasonable production process, the strength of the product is ensured. Quick installation of wood-plastic door, time-saving and installation of wood-plastic door German introduction of fast-loading structure, door installation is extremely convenient, door line and door cover with bayonet Pool Decks in Plastic Pools connection, no gun nail or glue fixed, time-saving installation Effort

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