flooring surface is completely

laminate flooring surface is completely free from this trouble. Because the surface is a special material, even when the ink drip down, it will not penetrate, can only stay in the surface, with a mop can be cleaned. Abrasion resistance: The most wear-resisting layer of the brand of Laminate Flooring is specially treated, the number of revolutions

reaches 9000 rpm and reaches the commercial level (4000 for home use and 6000 for home use); at the same time R-type molding chamfer paving effect more smooth, even with sharp hard objects such as keys to scratch, it will not leave traces. Easy to maintain: wear-resistant, dirt-resistant floor, take care of them naturally convenient.

Even if for some time not to take care of, do not worry about the floor will be damaged. This is especially useful for busy young families. Cost-effective: When the price of solid wood flooring is still rising, up to the price of brand laminate flooring is even more close to the people. After all, the budget for the floor can be saved a lot. Dust-free

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