floor in the online shopping

shopping home building materials products and ordinary daily shopping has a very big difference. The biggest difference is experience. You can only know the general situation of the floor from the exterior picture and business description. However, when the local board shipped home, if the gap with their own imagination, then the

follow-up after-sales work is a very troublesome thing. In addition, consumers are most concerned about the issue of environmental protection, it is impossible to say that through the introduction of pictures and text can be identified. In addition, the floor in the online shopping on the way, but also encountered transport problems. As the floor

belongs to the large cargo, can not take the general courier company, but specializes in logistics of large items not much, and most do not deliver home, more importantly, flooring products easily damaged during transport. After-sales service is also more complex, want to return not only costly, but also not consumers want to retreat will be

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