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We know that Suarez gained the The Spanish Glowing Boot. That can't do minus the Messi and Neymar full support, but for this technique. Ronaldo felt angry, he will strive to try and do the European Cup plus the Champions League final. He will Complete this Revenge of Messi. Ronaldo understand that only to Cheap FIFA 16 Coins access least one of both of these titles., he got the likelihood in 2016 the FIFA Gold Globe.

Ronaldo luowas originally inside La Liga top scorer leading 5 goals to Suarez, but the Uruguayan has scored 14 goals inside five league final, transcend Ronaldo got this League Golden boot and the European golden boot. Ronaldo pay attention on the individual performance, such a conclusion is actually unacceptable. In all fairness, without the help connected with Messi and Neymar, Suarez can not find La Liga Golden Trunk, while Western media also talked about long ago, MSN combination of central reached a consensus.

In the fight with regard to Spanish Golden Boot. Messi and Neymar that can help Suarez. In order to reduce Ronaldo, therefore, only the Suarez crazy performance goals, in fact, in an interview, Neymar have also forthrightly. The Brazilian also said it could continue to help Suarez have the golden boot. For Messi initiative to help Suarez compete for the particular Golden Boot's move, Ronaldo is very mad, it is because he understands that the move is Argentines next to themselves.

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