clean the floor after a period

with the sky, the floor to 'well' stacked overcast. At the same time, the open floor and the floor can only be flooded with a fan. In general, the soaking time of not more than 12 hours, and take the first aid measures the quality of the composite floor, can be re-paved in the dry. (All demolished floor should be placed in a ventilated place to dry,

not exposure, because the sun causes rapid loss of moisture, will cause the floor deformation .Will then dry the ground, dry to dry, and then reinstall the floor.But due to After the original floor of the plastic foam have failed, so it is best to ask professional installers to pave the floor again after the use of water, the performance will play some

discount, will certainly be easy to deformation, but also can be re-paved RBI floor wax or oil care, can play a role.) If it is a local water, clean the floor after a period of time to observe whether there is a significant change, if there is Alice edge pavement floor workers can contact the local replacement. If the original floor when the

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