the floor waterproofing is quite good

become a high-quality sheet. After measuring, the Yangtze floor oak · red dawn YGX9210-G length 1860mm, width 189mm, thickness 15mm, consistent with the factory set the size of the product, showing the fine production specifications. Large size design, full of rough style, in the pavement is also more efficient and convenient. The

evaluation staff stitched two veneer, two veneer stitching at seamless, just like one. To measure the Yangtze floor oak red dawn YGX9210-G splicing situation, the evaluation staff please stand on both sides of the floor at the same time both sides of the hard pull, the two floor tightly fastened together, it is difficult to separate, we can

see the floor lock Buckle tightly, the suction between each other is very strong. Reviewers will be a small amount of water poured on the floor surface, ten minutes later, the surface water stains and no significant proliferation, that the surface of the floor waterproofing is quite good. Small things such as dropping a cigarette butt on the floor in life

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