sawn timber clinchs

Ju wood sawn timber clinchs a deal since this month quantity than decreased June 16% the left and right sides, overall prices glides somewhat. Clinch a deal valence neo fence estimator price inexpensive respect, at present the ply on blessing person market is 5cm, the Ju wood that length is 2-3 rice (class A) sawn timber quote is in 4200-4800 yuan / stere left and right sides. 2, rare annatto market: Assembly hands in a quantity to glide, overall prices somewhat

be issued to lower levels From the traditional park bench teak timber replacement point of market respect, enter rare annatto market is overall since July prices than glided somewhat June, main show is carried for respect of major variety price brace up faint, and market assembly pays an amount than glided somewhat June. The analysis thinks, the period of time before this produces a country to increase exit to restrict in difference between hollow to floor and height size succession formerly as many annatto, respect

of price of partial annatto variety begins to be carried somewhat brace up, overall prices goes up somewhat evidence. Since spending nearly two months, as lumber market eco friendly vinyl fencing off-season atmosphere lasts thorough, assembly of market of annatto raw material hands in a quantity to be shown likewise continuously the evidence of be issued to lower levels. Be paid an amount by market assembly expression is low confused impact, before

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