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In the 2010-11 time, James led the Warmth eliminated the Bulls 4-1 inside Eastern Conference finals, the NBA Finals, but lost to the Mavericks 2-4, missed the championship. 2011-12 season, James led the Warm eliminated the Celtics 4-3 Eastern Conference finals, the NBA Finals, 4-1 win over the Thunder, get his first title. 2012-13 season, James led the Temperature eliminated the Pacers Asian Conference finals 4-3, in the NBA MT Coins finals, and 4-3 to overcome the Spurs win the championship.

In the 2013-14 period, James led the Heat eliminated the Pacers 4-2, the fourth consecutive year from the finals in Miami, but lost to this Spurs 1-4, missed three consecutive titles. The summer of 2014, James returned to this Cavaliers, 2014-15 seasons, the Cavaliers in this Eastern Conference finals 4-0 win over the Hawks to advance towards the finals, but lost to your Warriors 2-4, missed the championship.

This is James seventh career medal finals, he also led the actual 2006-07 season, the Cavaliers went on the Finals, but the Spurs swept 4-0. James is currently the number Finals already beyond the actual Jordan, Joe Classic six vocation finals. Frequency gap between each is to win the championship. Jordan has had finals 6 times six times to win a championship, and James currently has two championships.
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