environmental protection violates

first half of the year, branch of Beijing environmental protection violates behavior put on record 2225 cases to securing contaminative source environment in all, leveling ground spacing for deck blocks place in order to fine 100.6 million yuan; Carry out punish 3 cases continuously by day, close down case 229, stop production is restricted to be produced 5 cases; Begin combination to execute the law with door of the Ministry of Public Security,

deal with applicable administration to decking composite decking suppliers detain an environment to violate a case 34 cases in all, block up carries out functionary case 2 cases, be suspected of an environment polluting crime case 20 cases. In addition, branch of Beijing environmental protection in all put on record investigates environment of of all kinds water to violate act 212 cases, punish amount forty-three million three hundred and

ninety-two thousand yuan; Execute fence panels wood buy price the law in edaphic environment respect, in all put on record investigates solid trash kind illegal behavior 224, punish amount 3.819 million yuan. Strength of environmental protection punish is increased ceaselessly, industry of household building materials becomes key punish target already, each enterprise should be caused take seriously, [url=http://purewoods.in/wall-panel/634.html]attaching a lattice screen to a wooden fence[/url] those who reduce solid, gas and

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