produce about environmental

of wooden industry trade, 20 million yuan plate company should hand in an annual produce about environmental protection duty 200 thousand yuan. If your enterprise produces per patio wood floor covering year plank total value to be 80 million yuan, pay tax of 800 thousand yuan of environmental protection with respect to need about, namely of income 1% should use pay environmental protection tax, if environmental protection measure is done

good, this rate can have a bit reduce. enwood timber decking This duty of 1% expends a burden, for scanty to profit plate company, must go up. If the product does not go up, will immediate impact manages gain, what can affect follow-up research and development to produce even is devoted, and live problem. Li Zhiqing of vice director of research center of economy of Fudan University environment says,cost pof pvc decking per sq metre environmental duty actually is to

be in pair of different companies to undertake " discriminate " , it is even " differentiation " . Final, environmental duty loses difference to create price composite wood 2x4x10 for sale online difference or difference of scale of production, the market of good company product is had rate rose, bad enterprise is squeezed to give the market. This is the crisis to plate company also be good luck, plate company should as soon as possible

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